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Artists - are you on Tik Tok yet?

If you haven’t heard of Tik Tok, then what rock are you living under? Launched in 2017 globally, Tik Tok has been giving Gen Z’ers the opportunity to express themselves online in some of the most creative ways imaginable!

From learning those ever impressive trending dances, to lip syncing the classics; Tik Tok is now dominating the social media market with over 500 million active users worldwide. Not only that, Tik Tok is the most Downloaded app on the Apple App store so it got us wondering, are you using it to market your music? Well, if you’re not, you should be and here are the reasons why.

Your music SHOULD already be on there

If you’re using distributors such as Spinnup or Ditto, you will find that your tracks will be in the Tik Tok library. What this means is that users all over can recreate their own videos using your songs, and for you, that means it’s being amplified to a huge audience. Try and create your own versions using the best snippet from your track and start your very own trends.

Your tracks will be recognised from Tik Tok

Artists like Doja Cat have a lot to thank Tik Tok for; her track Say So was used that much by Tik Tok users that it’s now referred to as a Tik Tok song. Because of this, users have then gone onto YouTube or Spotify and streamed the track for themselves which has led the song to make its way into the UK charts! Other artists such as Kesha, Khalid, Roddy Ricch have seen the huge effects of Tik Tok on their monthly listeners.

It’s where your target audience is

Tik Tok conquers the teens of the world. And who is always looking for new stuff to listen to / watch / read / buy? Teens. 41% of Tik Tok users are aged 16-24 years old. These are the guys who are going to be looking for new bands and artists to jump onto before anybody else does. This audience will become your most dedicated fans and keep up to date with you on all platforms.

It’s a chance for you to show your human side

At the end of the day, your music can be the best thing since sliced bread, but does your personality match it? Think of Lewis Capaldi - We all know him for his hit singles and the fact his ex was on Love Island, but what’s more is that we know him to be absolutely hilarious on Instagram and Tik Tok. If you have a personality and something to entertain people with, the fans will flock and in turn, keep playing your music.

How do I get started? There’s no rule book on how to go viral on Tik Tok however, while the platform’s still fresh and there’s no super hard algorithm to get around, start being creative. Have a look at what other people are doing for inspiration but the best thing to do is to be original, not take it too seriously and show what you want people to recognise you for.

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